Top 7 Best 11 Inch Laptops – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

If you are looking for an ultraportable laptop that is pro at doing all the basic tasks expected of a computer, then you’ve come to the right place. The best 11-inch laptop will suffice the user with its next-level portability and functionality.

With that being said, the overall performance level of an 11-inch laptop is not that good in comparison to other high-end laptops with big screen sizes. For instance, they have less processing power and limited speed that rarely allows multitasking.

So on that note, let’s get down to the details of the top 7 best 11 inch laptops that you can find on the market this year. We have done all the hard work from our side and penned down only the names of suitable ones in this regard.

That said, let’s begin with its features:

7 Best 11 Inch Laptops of 2021

HP Laptops Names  Average Battery Life Storage
1. Lenovo Chromebook C330 10 hours 64 GB
2. Acer Chromebook R 11 Up to 10 hours 32GB eMMC
3. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 9 hours and 15 mins 32 GB
4. HP Chromebook 15 hours and 45 mins 32 GB eMMC
5. Lenovo 11.6″ Chromebook 10 hours 32 GB
6. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 10 hours 64 GB
7. BMAX Y11 Up to 10 hours 64 GB


1. Lenovo Chromebook C330 – #1 Best 11-Inch Laptop 2021

Chromebooks are always on top of the list when it’s a hunt for compact, portable laptops. In a similar context, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 shows up in the selection of the best 11-inch laptop that you can buy within your budget range.

With that being said, let’s get down to its notable features:

First things first, it has a sleek, stylish appearance with a convertible design that maximizes convenience. So one of the add-on benefits you get from this lightweight, portable laptop is that it can be used while on the go; as in, its tablet mode.

In addition to that,

It has an extensive battery life that can last up to 10 hours per charge. Hence, this is the ultimate perk for students as well as for travelers, who carry laptops with them without having any power source to recharge them frequently.

With that being said,

The C330 brings you effortless connectivity as this Ultrabook includes a number of USB ports. In addition to that, the built-in camera and Bluetooth connection make it a worthwhile option in the selection of the best 11-inch laptops in 2021.

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Key Specifications:

2.1 GHz of mediate_mt8127 processor type

Variety of USB ports

‎1366×768 pixels screen resolution

Touchscreen display

64 GB of flash memory

Convertible design

10 hours of battery life


Ample usage time with extensive battery

Smart screen resolution

Lightweight, portable laptop

Multi-purpose laptop with its convertible design

Chrome operating system


Not recommended for multitasking

The touchpad button feels a little stiff

Final Views:

Lenovo Chromebook C330 is a laptop with high-end features for an affordable price. If you are interested in having a functional, 11-inch laptop that is within your price range too, then C330 must be considered in this regard.

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2. Acer Chromebook R 11 – Best 11-Inch Laptop Under 500

Here we have the most high-end, 11-inch laptop from our top selection, the new Acer Chromebook R11. If you are a Chromebook user, looking for a compact size of almost 11-inches, then this is the right choice for you. It will boost your productivity with user-friendly options and help you carry out most heavy-duty tasks on it as well.

With that being said, let’s get down to its features.

First things first, this 11-inch laptop works on Chrome operating system, which means that you can have ultra-fast access to your Google workspace every time you turn the computer on. Apart from accessibility, editing, converting, and downloading become swift as well.

In addition to that,

The built-in virus protection system keeps a check on the health of your computer and makes sure that no unwanted thing creeps in. Besides, it strengthens the computer for fast boot-ups, updates, and other similar things.

Having said that,

For the connectivity options, you get a number of options that allow you to connect things with your laptop and level up productivity. With that aside, the battery life of the Acer Chromebook R-11 is remarkable as it lasts for up to 10 hours or so.

Apart from that,

Feature-wise, it is equipped with a lot of other notable quirks that add to its worth; for instance, built-in cameras, effortless Bluetooth connectivity, and many others. But aside from that, the price range of this laptop is a bit higher than the usual 11-inch laptops.

Key Specifications:

Easy-to-use Chrome operating system

Built-in cameras

Bluetooth Connectivity

10 hours battery span

Virus protection system

100 GB of Google drive space


Spacious drives to store all of your data

Built-in virus protection

4 GB of built-in memory

Convertible design


Expensive laptop

The touchpad could’ve been better

Final Views:

Acer has always been on the list of laptops with solid build-quality and powerful dynamics that enhance the overall processing of the computer. Similar is the case here with this small and compact laptop, which must be considered if budget is not a problem for you.

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3. HP Stream 11 – Best 11-Inch Laptop Under 300

HP Stream 11 is yet another cost-effective, small-sized laptop like that of Chromebook C330. Besides, it shows up with an exceptionally functional security system that boosts up your computing performance like anything. That being said, there are some other noticeable features in it that can double up the productivity.

To start off,

The first and foremost thing to be put up at the front is that it has a built-in BIOS protection system. This keeps your laptop’s health in check by providing protection against unauthorized access. In addition, it secures storage and manages boot-up issues.

Having said that,

The 11-inch diagonal, HD SVA antiglare display, with WLED-backlit technology adds up to make the visuals of your laptop more clear and easy to perceive. Moreover, the (1366 x 768) of screen resolution displays an increased number of pixels that result in great picture quality.

Apart from that,

Let’s talk about the battery life of this miniature. The estimated time for it can last up to is 9 hours and 15 minutes with video streaming. And up to 7 hours for wireless streaming. Other than that, the appearance of this laptop is quite good, which makes it a perfect choice for style enthusiasts.

Key Specifications:

Bios recovery and protection system

HD SVA anti-glare display

Intel x5-e8000, quad-core processor

9 hours of battery life


Powerful processors speed up computing

Perfect display quality

Portable and stylish laptop


Memory capacity is small

Final Views:

HP Stream 11 is meant for those who are looking for a small and stylish, yet powerful laptop to carry out your school work, office work, or any other purpose.

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4. HP Chromebook – Best Cheap 11-Inch Laptop

HP Chromebook 11-inch laptop is meant for those who are looking for a laptop that can last for half a day or more. So for those who want to solve long assignments and projects, or have extensive work hours, this miniature is the most appropriate thing to have.

Starting off with its features,

It has the most amazing graphics quality as compared to the other laptops mentioned in the list. With its MediaTek integrated graphics card and Octa-core CPU, you get to have immense power and speed to carry out your computing tasks.

In addition to that,

The high-definition, anti-glare display technology feels right on the eye. In fact, you get to have extremely efficient optics with the details of 1 million pixels. That means you can enjoy movies, videos, and even gaming to the maximum extent, with the amazing display quality.

That being said,

Let’s not forget about the considerable battery life of this Ultraportable, which is exceptionally tremendous. So much so, that it can survive for up to 15 hours and 45 minutes, which is quite overmuch.

Key Specifications:

Octa-core CPU

Anti-glare display

Integrated graphics

Dual speaker setup

Reliable flash-based storage


Easy-to-use operating system

Rock-solid connections

The high-definition display ensures perfection

Cheapest price tag

Extra-long battery life


The touchscreen feature seems a lie

Final Views:

HP Chromebook is one of the best options for students as the most they require is an extended battery life from their ultraportable machine. Hence, this HP Chromebook is a good enough option in this regard.

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5. Lenovo 11.6″ Chromebook – Best Budget 11-Inch Laptop

If you are looking for a laptop that has ample storage capacity along with a small size of about 11 inches, then this is the right place for you. The new Lenovo Chromebook is equipped with a spacious hard drive that ensures a great backup plan for your files.

That being said, let’s start off with its features:

Firstly, let’s start it off with a rock-solid connection of this small and compact, 11-inch laptop. It comes with the latest 1 x USB 3.1 Gen, 1 Type-C, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen, 1 Type-A, 1 x HDMI, and 1 x 1/8″ (3.5 mm) Headphone/Microphone combo jack.


The IPS technology of this laptop’s screen ensures that you get to have wide viewing angles. Apart from that, it has an LED-backlit LCD, which is responsible for a higher contrast ratio. However, on the downside, it doesn’t give much of the details of the picture with clarity.

Having said that,

Coming to the processing power of the Lenovo 11.6 inches laptop. The new and effective MediaTek MT8173C works fair with the base clock speed of up to 1.3 GHz, the maximum boost speed is around 2.16 GHz.

Key Specifications:

Integrated microphone and speaker

3-cell battery type

Efficient backlight

10 hours battery life

Powerful quad-core processor


Perfect sound system

Flawless interface with integrated microphone

Heavy-duty processor

Reasonably priced


The touchpad is sticky

SD card slot is defective somehow

Final Views:

All in all, the Lenovo 11.6″ Chromebook is a good laptop for the price and it can handle almost everything you’d want to do with a basic laptop. Buy this if you want to save your money along with having a durable laptop.

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6. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 – Best 11-Inch Convertible Laptop

Lenovo shows up again with yet another Chromebook of 11 inches, the new Lenovo Flex 3. The sleek and stylish design of this compact yet solid laptop is exceptionally good. In addition to that, the touchscreen feature with HD display quality levels up the game for you. Having said that, let’s discuss some of its features;

First things first,

Convenience is what this laptop is all about! Not only do you get to convert it into different shapes to personalize its usage, but also get to have the benefit of touchscreen feature along with next-level display quality.

Adding to this,

The plenty of memory and storage speeds up the processing and data transfer. Also, you get to have enough space to store files and applications that are heavy-duty. in addition to that, accessibility becomes much easier.

On the downside,

The Google operating system has a little glitch. You’d feel a lag in performance right after you sign in to the device and your Google workspace. However, on average, it makes up to be a suitable laptop for the beginners out there.

Key Specifications:

HD IPS display

Built-in camera

Various USB ports

64 GB storage capacity


Enormous space to store your files

Convertible laptop design increases convenience

Handy equipment for ease of use


Not fast boot-up

OS is glitchy

Final Views:

The Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 is much lighter than the others mentioned above and is equipped with the basic features required for primary usage.

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7. BMAX Y11 – Best 11-Inch Convertible Laptop

Lastly, we have a sturdy and durable laptop that you can have within the size range of an 11-inch of laptop. Having said that, the BMAX Y11 supports the latest wireless connectivity, which doubles the performance. However, you have got to pay an expensive amount of money to buy this best convertible laptop.

Starting off with its features,

The 8GB high-bandwidth DDR4 RAM of this laptop favors high speed and no delay during the performance. In addition to that, the 256GB Solid State Drive ensures spacious storage capacity that accessing and keeping files have become much more convenient.

Apart from that,

The versatile connectivity options of this smart and stylish laptop enable high-speed data transfer, video streaming, and battery charging. And for that, it features, 1xHDMI, 1xUSB, 1xHeadphone/microphone Combo Jacks, 1xmicroSD Media Card Reader, and an SSD slot.

Key Specifications:

Intel Gemini Lake N4120 CPU

Integrated webcam

1920*1080 screen resolution

Numerous connectivity slots

Intel 9th Gen UHD Graphics


Ultra-thin and lightweight laptop

Impressive color and clarity

Immersive computing experience


Pricier than others

Final Views:

The new BMAX Y11 laptop is meant for those who want to have a laptop with amazing graphics and display quality. You must consider this laptop if budget is not a concern for you.

Top 3 Picks

Following are the top 3 best-recommended laptops from the aforementioned list. Let’s check this out before making any final choice.

That said, let’s get straight to it:

  1. Lenovo Chromebook C330 – because of its extensive storage capacity.
  2. HP Chromebook – as its average battery life is way more than its rivals.
  3. Acer Chromebook R 11 – due to its powerful processor and graphics that aid in gaming.

How to Choose the Best 11-Inch Laptop in 2021 – Buying Guide

Buying a compact and small-sized laptop can be a real task as the performance and overall deliverance of the laptop gets affected by the size and price range.

Hence you need to specify your requirements and have to compromise several things. So in order to help you out in prioritizing what needs to be there in your 11-inch laptop, we have penned down a step-by-step guide, which throws light on the important elements to be kept in mind.

On that note, let’s get down to it:

  1. Display:

The first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying the best 11-inch, portable laptop is that its screen and display quality must be considerable. And the reason is that the screen size is already small, hence viewing becomes a bit of a concern.

Apart from that, the screen resolution must be checked in this regard, in the first place; as it defines the pixels of the image. Having said that, the ideal screen resolution should be 1366×768 as per expert reviews.

  1. Battery Life:

In the second place, the battery life of an 11-inch laptop is what matters the most. This is for a fact that people prefer to have this smart and portable laptop in order to carry it along easily, as in traveling, etc.

Hence, the battery life of a laptop plays a crucial role in this regard. As the extensive span of the battery can last for many hours, hence it is useful for travelers or students to have it by the side. Also, nobody wants to find a power source after every 4 hours in order to get the laptop back in charge!

  1. Durability:

Durability is an undeniable aspect while buying a laptop or even any other gadget. In a similar context, while you are shopping for the best 11-inch laptop, you have to make sure that the durability factor of the machine is in check.

In addition, no matter the cheap or inexpensive price tags of these compact laptops, they need to be reliable enough to last longer than you expect.

  1. Connectivity Options:

Last but not least, make sure to keep in mind the element of laptop connectivity. Check the various ports and ensure that they enable effortless connectivity. This will make your external connections stable and versatile.

Moreover, you can have faster access to devices, easy data transfer, a high user interface, and most of all, quick battery recharging.


  1. Which 11-inch laptop is best?

The best 11-inch laptop that you can buy this year is none other than the Lenovo Chromebook C330. The reason is that it offers tremendous features that a portable, customary laptop can possibly have.

For instance, it shows up with a convertible smart design for productivity, comparatively extra memory and storage capacity, and much more. Hence, it’s a better option than the others on market, if budget is not a problem for you.

  1. Are 11 inch laptops too small?

Laptops mostly are being preferred in 15 inches of size or greater than 13 inches. As for the 11 inches of a laptop size, it would be considered rather small because of its limited screen size, and finite power and features.

  1. What is the ideal laptop size?

If we talk about the most popular laptop size range that is famous among users, then we get to know that it’s 15-16 inches. But for the ideal size, that offers great productivity and extensive benefits, and then it’s the laptop size from 13 to 14 inches.

  1. Is 11 inches a good size for a laptop?

Small laptops, like that of an 11-inch laptop, are also known as Ultraportables. Hence the major benefit that you can get from an 11-inch laptop is having immense portability. However, this is one of the smallest sizes of laptops that one can have.

And because of that, there can be several shortcomings that you might ever come across while having these Ultraportables. One of them is the small screen size leading to unclear or not-so-wide vision.

  1. What is the best screen resolution for an 11-inch laptop?

The display quality in an 11-inch laptop is what matters the most. In fact, pixel-detailing matters the most. Hence, the ideal screen resolution in this regard is 1366×768, for an 11-inch laptop.

Summing Things Up

So this was all about the fine points regarding the best 11-inch laptops that you can buy this year. Make sure to go through all of them in order to make the most appropriate choice for you.

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