How to Factory Reset a Laptop? Updated Guide 2022

At times you get stuck with some problem in your laptop that can only be fixed by resetting a laptop to its factory setting. Now, in case if you don’t know what factory reset does, it cleans up all the trash and brings the laptop to its default state, i.e. having the factory settings back.

Apart from that, the factory reset was originally done by using CDs or disks having the required operating system. All you had to do was to install the new OS on your PC via those CDs or disks. That said, how to do it now?

Well, to answer this question, we bring you this detailed guide that gives you all the basic information regarding how to factory reset a laptop. You can follow the simple guidelines given below and get your problem solved in no time.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s check it out:

Keep the Backup

Before heading towards the actual process, make sure that you take a few precautionary measures. So in case you are used to keeping your important documents in your laptops without security or any backup then first you better create a backup before resetting your laptop to factory settings.

As factory reset wipes out all the data that you have in your device, you need to keep them in a safe place. As soon as you are done backing up your data, you are safe to proceed with the resetting process.

How to Factory Reset my Laptop

To cater to various issues in your laptop, factory reset is the most common solution. You can get your system as new as it was by simply resetting it to its original factory setting. But to that, you must know the basic information regarding the process.

On that note, here are the basic steps that are involved in factory reset of a windows laptop. So, if you were looking for how to factory reset an HP laptop, then this will help you with that as well. That said, without delaying any further, let’s get straight to that:

  1. Open Recovery Settings

The first step on how to factory reset ASUS laptop, or any other, is to open the start menu and click on the gear icon on the extreme left corner of the menu. It’ll be followed by a setting window on the screen. Click the option of Update and Security in it.

Next, click on the recovery option in the menu given on the left and then hit on the ‘Get Started’ option given under ‘Reset this PC’. This will get the thing started.

  1. Choose Further Settings

As soon as your laptop gets started with the resetting process, a window will appear on the screen, giving you two further options. It gives you the choice to either keep your files or to remove everything. Depending upon your situation and requirements, you can opt for the right option.

  1. Choose Option to Reinstall Windows

After that, another window will pop up showing how you can reinstall the applications easily. You can either choose cloud download or local reinstall. Cloud download is the latest edition in May 2020 that allows your laptop to get windows from Microsoft servers.

Though you are given a choice and you can choose either of them, cloud download is the most recommended option. It is many folds faster than the local update and gets your windows done in minimum time.

  1. Reset your Laptop

Once you are done with all the settings, hit the ‘Next’ option. A window will appear on the screen that’d summarize all the settings that you have chosen before. You can go through all of them and if at any instant, you think that you have made any wrong decision, you can undo the process.

That being said, if you are satisfied with all the options you have chosen, proceed by clicking on the reset option. The laptop will restart and will take a little time to reboot itself again. Later, when the process is done, you can check all the files that you saved before.

And guess what? It’s done! That is how simple and straightforward it is to restore the factory settings of your laptop. Besides, in gaming laptops, a similar process would be followed in order to get the job done.

So in case you’re wondering how to factory reset Razer laptop, then keep up with the same guide!

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How to Factory Reset Mac Laptop?

As mentioned earlier, there could be a plethora of reasons to factory reset your laptop. And in a similar context, in the case of Macbooks or MacOS, freeing up some of the iCloud space and making a smooth connection between Airpods or Apple watch can be a pretty convincing reason to do so.

Apart from that, as Mac laptops operate on a different operating system than that of Windows laptops, so it has a little different process to reset it to the factory setting. Here are the steps are given below, that will tell you how to factory reset a Mac laptop. So, let’s have a look at them:

  1. Tap on the Apple icon in the menu bar on the top-left side. A dropdown menu will appear.
  2. Select the option, ‘System Preferences’ from it and navigate ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’ in the next window.
  3. Enter your password before tapping on the ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’ button. After that, complete the process by hitting the OK button.

And you’re done! That’s how simple it is to factory reset your Mac laptop. In fact, it is quite similar to the other laptop types as well. So much that almost a lot of steps are the same as in the case of how to factory reset Lenovo laptop.


With that being mentioned, let’s move forward and discuss another important aspect of restoring the factory settings of your laptop. What if you don’t remember your laptop’s password and now you want to get its default settings back?!

In that case, you can catch up with the following method:

How to Factory Reset Laptop Without Password

Simply, you have to first start your laptop and then turn it back off. Next off, you need to follow it twice or thrice, in order to ensure multiple rebooting attempts. That being done, go to the Recovery Mode on the screen while the last attempt to reboot. Select that and navigate the option of resetting your computer.

After finding that, finish up the process. But mind you that this is not a password recovery procedure because it will not end up giving you access to it directly. Instead, it’s simply a Windows update. So for those seeking how to factory reset laptop Windows 7 or how to factory reset laptop Windows 8, that’s the deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it bad to factory reset your laptop?

Factor resets boost your computer’s performance like anything. With every factory reset, you get to have built a stronger connection between hardware and BIOS than before. Other than that, it also helps in fixing large application errors with the operating system. So it all comes down to the fact that it isn’t bad to factory reset your laptop.

2. Why can’t I factory reset my laptop?

One of the major reasons that you can’t factory reset your laptop is that it has corrupted system files. These corrupted system files can prevent your PC from undergoing a factory reset. Hence, all you gotta do in this regard is to run a System File Checker scan on your laptop, in order to avoid errors while factory resetting your computer.

3. Does factory reset removes the virus?

To get it straight, factory resetting your laptop would not remove viruses from your laptop. It is for the reason that making a factory reset in your laptop gets the factory settings of your laptop back, hence having a chance of getting infected by malware.

4. How do I factory reset my laptop windows 10?

Here is how to factory reset laptop Windows 10: got to Update & Security settings in your laptop’s settings. Drag down to the Recovery option and tap on getting Started, under the ‘Reset My PC’ option.

A window will pop up following that, and on that, you’ll choose the option, ‘Keep My Files’. After doing so, hit the Next button at the end, and checkmark all the apps, from the List of Apps to be Removed, that you want to reinstall after factory reset. Lastly, wrap up the process by simply tapping on the Reset button.

Final Views

When you factory reset your laptop, it goes back to the original state of its production, which is when it had left the factory. So while you are trying to figure out the easiest and simplest way to learn how to factor reset Dell laptop or how to factory reset Acer laptop (as in the case of gaming), then it’s recommended to keep in mind all the above-mentioned points.

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